You’re invited…

To envision answers to your inner struggles and our world’s challenges in an innovative way. Imagine if the world was actually a big beautiful garden, somewhat neglected, somewhat forgotten, and your inner landscape played a very important role?

The garden of the world has no limits except in your mind. Its presence is more beautiful than the stars, with more clarity than the polished mirror of your heart.


Your inner garden is the threshold to the world


If “we are the world,” as the catchy 1985 charity single claimed, then the world’s garden starts within our own hearts. The world’s beauty and the world’s clarity is intertwined with our internal landscapes. What is the state of your inner garden? Is it blooming? Or is it neglected due to fear, resentment, or heartbreak?


The tending of our inner gardens is our social roles to the world’s flourishing. By taking care of our own allocated garden, each of us, “planting seeds” and creating “new garden paths,” we create the conditions for healthy (social) roots and seedlings for a collective future. What kind of world would you like to see grow?

Planting seeds



Sharing beauty


If humanity has not been sharing beauty, and instead, has been imposing hostility, the reason is because of humanity’s shared pain. What if the beauty of our inner gardens have healing capabilities? Would you share the beauty of your inner garden and help nurture other people’s inner gardens?

Let us heal the pain and consciously share the beauty that we carry within us and deserve.


About me

My name is Van Thi Diep. I combine my training in landscape architecture, my academic knowledge in ecopsychology, environmental ethics, existential phenomenology, and the wisdom gained from my own spiritual life journey to help socially and environmentally conscious individuals build a spiritual foundation to see the world as intricately connected, so that we can all flourish in holistic ways.


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