Do you have a deep desire to make the world a better place? Do you dream of living joyfully, but continue to be overwhelmed by the chaos of our world’s social and environmental problems? Perhaps, you are feeling lost in your direction, defeated, or struggling to make peace of your ability to flourish as an authentic individual and/or as a contributing member of society? Or perhaps, you simply want to feel more empowered and more fulfilled?

As the saying goes, magic is for those who believe. And so is the path to joy, empowerment, fulfillment, and belongingness. If you are struggling, it only means that the path to your dreams has not yet been created. This path is between the paradox of living your own life as an individual and existing as a part of the social consciousness. You, I, and every living and non-living element in this world are part of the same team (whether we like some of our team members or not!). Therefore, the essence of spirituality is to recognize that we (every person, plant, animal, thing) are all interconnected—we are parts of a greater entity. While we live our own lives and work through our own internal struggles, we are also assisting in each other’s overcoming. You can join me on a collective endeavor to overcome our world’s challenges just by tending to your own life’s flourishing. To create new paths to flourishing, plant new seeds into the world, and to share the beauty with those you love, consider working with me through one of the services below.


Social-Spiritual Life Coaching

My coaching approach is based on the motto of SHARING BEAUTY, OVERCOMING PAIN, AND FINDING HOME. To flourish in the world, we need to feel like we belong in the world. Belonging, in the spiritual sense, is knowing within our cores that we deserve to exist, deserve happiness, deserve beauty, and deserve love. We feel a sense of security despite our personal challenges and all the chaos and traumas around the world. This deep-seated feeling is the spiritual home that exists inside all of us.

To find this home amidst personal and collective pain, we need to reach a transitional point between pain and beauty. Social-spiritual life coaching can help you learn about vulnerability (i.e., overcoming pain), open up your heart to beauty, and develop a sense of compassion that goes back out into the world.

Specific areas that I can help you with include:

  • Accepting yourself more as a unique individual
  • Mindfulness and embodiment practices to develop awareness and release repressed emotions
  • Creating new perspectives of yourself or our social problems by examining your thought-patterns and use of language; re-writing new narratives that are more compassionate and constructive
  • Overcoming internalized beliefs about race, gender, or class hierarchy that keep you from being authentic and empowered
  • Expanding your comfort zone by turning fear into courage and trusting your intuition regarding inspired actions
  • Self-compassion and loving your “shadow” self

I offer personalized coaching programs by phone or Zoom (minimum 6 sessions over 3 months). Included in the first session is a foundational human design reading (see description below).

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Human Design Readings

Human design is an energy-personality assessment tool based on cross-cultural archetypes including Eastern and Western astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Chinese I-Ching, and quantum physics. Each person has their own human design chart based on their day, time, and place of birth. The human design chart is your energetic blueprint—your “design manual”, so to speak, as a human being in our cosmic system. It reveals your unique attributes, your personality challenges, your life purpose, parts of your personality that are susceptible to social conditioning, your potential for life wisdom, and how best to make decisions for a flourishing life.

Human design is the ideal tool for discovering who you are and how you relate to the world because human design gives personalized guidance to:

  • Accepting your differences (aka your uniqueness);
  • Learning how you interact with other people in the world through relationships, communities, and as part of a collective humanity;
  • Developing a strategy for intuitive and empowered decision-making.

I offer foundational human design readings (60 min. @ $120 CAD) and follow-up strategy sessions (e.g. generator sacral sessions, projector/reflector sounding board sessions; 30 min. @ $60 CAD). If you’re interested in a reading but don’t have your exact birth time, contact me to explore how to get a reading with the information you have available.

Not familiar with Human Design?

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