“A problem is something which I meet, which I find completely before me, but which I can therefore lay siege to and reduce. But a mystery is something in which I am myself involved, and it can therefore only be thought of as a sphere where the distinction between what is in me and what is before me loses its meaning and initial validity.”

~Gabriel Marcel, French philosopher (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Your obstacles and your research are more than problems

If we were to consider the difference between problems and mysteries, then there are no social-ecological “problems.” Every social-ecological issue you try to solve, every change you want to make in the world, to some extent, is a “mystery” in which you are involved. In the process of unraveling a mystery, you are also changed in the process. Therefore, to sincerely work through a social-ecological issue, you are also accepting to go through a process of self-discovery.

However, by turning the mysteries of life, society, and culture into disparate problems, academic traditions of problem-solving have also exiled you (all of us actually), in a metaphorical sense, from the world. By compartmentalizing knowledge to make problems reducible, academic traditions have also created hierarchies in knowledge systems, validating some forms of knowledge while rejecting others.

So, there are many valid reasons to why you may feel lost, confused, frustrated, or isolated doing your research. And there are plenty of valid reasons you may suffer from imposter syndrome or have doubt that your work can make a difference.

To return back into the world, back into yourself, I invite you to join me on an eco-spiritual self-love journey for you to truly realize that your life, your research, and your dreams are worthy and meaningful.

An eco-spiritual self-love approach

I take a fully holistic approach to graduate school coaching that integrates your concerns over social and/or ecological matters, your desire for knowledge, your existential and spiritual apprehensions about your life purpose, and your need to move pass unhealthy academic and societal practices that keep you trapped. At the root of our mission is self-love. Not only is self-love foundational to a content and peaceful life, but a compassionate heart can also change the world through the impact you make in your work. Three key pillars and a seven module process set the foundation to your growth. At the core of the transformational process is the intention to develop conscious living and conscious research.

My unique eco-spiritual self-love coaching approach is offered as a 9-week group program and a 12-week 1 on 1 program. Check out the details below to see which program is most suitable for you.

9 Week Group coaching Program

(up to 15 participants)

A group coaching setting is great for individuals who want to build connections, interact with other graduate students, and grow together through a process of collective stimulation, sharing and encouragement. You’ll get:

  • 120-minute sessions weekly with presentation, discussion, and Q&A time, including:
    • specific sessions for each of the 7 modules
    • 1 introductory and 1 closing session for group sharing and building rapport
  • Weekly workbooks for journaling and mindfulness exercises designed to help you integrate your reflections on life with your research work
  • Email and messaging support
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other self-reflexive, compassionate, and conscious graduate researchers



Price in Canadian Dollars (approximately $790 USD)

Registration coming soon!

9 Week Group coaching plus

If a group setting appeals to you but you also want more one-on-one time with me to work through some specific areas of your life or your research, the group program plus a 4 week one-on-one add-on package is perfect for you.

  • You’ll get everything in the regular 9-week group coaching program plus:
  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions completed during or after the group program on topics of your choice



Price in Canadian Dollars (approximately $1260 USD)

Registration coming soon!

12 week one-on-One coaching

For those who want a more private experience where we can deep dive into your challenges, I offer a one-on-one coaching program that can be customised based on your situation. As many graduate students are conscious of their research end-dates, the program is intended for a 3-month duration with weekly meetings, but if a slower pace is more suitable for you, we can also work at a bi-weekly schedule towards a 6-month duration. In this program, you’ll get:

  • 12 x 60-minute sessions weekly (or bi-weekly if requested), including:
    • 1 assessment session
    • 7 module specific sessions
    • 1 energy-personality assessment session using a tool called Human Design (see FAQ)
    • 3 flexible targeted sessions
  • Weekly workbooks for journaling and mindfulness exercises designed to help you integrate your reflections on life with your research work
  • Pre-recorded slideshow videos on the 7 module process
  • Email and messaging support
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other self-reflexive, compassionate, and conscious graduate researchers



Price in Canadian Dollars (approximately $2290 USD)


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understanding knowledge systems

1. Acceptance

Know that you are meant to be unique and be part of a collective.

2. Narrative

The world is shaped by our words – you can change your perspective of yourself and the world by changing your narrative.

“Being” in the world

3. Embodiment

You are more than your mind – your body holds memories and stories.

4. Belonging

Know that you already belong despite what society says –  your memories and experiences are gateways to feeling belongingness.

making conscious choices

5. Courage

Fear is a threshold to growth.

6. Compassion

Your unresolved pain (as well as society’s pain) wants to be loved.

7. Reflexive research

Applying your new understanding of yourself and the world into your thesis/dissertation.

Frequently Asked Questions


No problem. If you are doing research on anything related to how people relate to the world and you resonate with the content of my website, then my coaching programs will likely be helpful to you regardless of your research topic.
As a PhD graduate, I understand that PhD students undergo a lot of challenges that are not necessarily felt at the master’s level. Therefore, my services are generally targeted towards hardships that many PhD students will feel. However, we live in a tough world right now—if you are a master’s student who is struggling with the weight of our social-ecological and institutional predicaments and feel that you need help with your personal growth and/or research, then my coaching programs will be suitable for you.
For 1 on 1 clients and add-on sessions, I can review short documents (up to 10 pages such as concise research proposals, grant applications, and excerpts) for big picture guidance (e.g., effectiveness of communication, gaps or potentials in your thinking, narrative and storytelling approaches, etc.). If you need help with grammar or other nitty-gritty details of writing, there are dissertation and writing coaches who provide this kind of service and will be more suitable to help you.
I introduce an energy-personality assessment tool called Human Design in my coaching programs. This practical spiritual assessment tool is based on cross-cultural archetypes including Eastern and Western astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Chinese I-Ching, and quantum physics. Using your day, time, and place of birth, Human Design can reveal your energetic blueprint in the world through a personalised bodygraph that shows your unique attributes, your personality challenges, your life purpose, where you are most susceptible to social conditioning, your potential for life wisdom, and how best to make decisions for a flourishing life. A personalised foundation reading will be provided for 1 on 1 coaching clients and a summary of how to use the tool will be presented to group coaching participants. I do not offer individual Human Design readings. If you’d like an individual reading or want to learn more about the system, please visit The Quantum Alignment System (where I did my Level 2 training) for more information.
Coaching sessions will be held online through Google Meet or Zoom. Group sessions are synchronous and held at a specific time each week. 1 on 1 sessions are scheduled by the client through my booking page.
Payment plans are not available for the group coaching program at the moment, but if you really want to join the program and need special accommodations, contact me to discuss. Payment plans for 1 on 1 coaching clients can be set up upon request.
Feel free to leave a message on my contact page or book a discovery call with me to get more information!