“A problem is something which I meet, which I find completely before me, but which I can therefore lay siege to and reduce. But a mystery is something in which I am myself involved, and it can therefore only be thought of as a sphere where the distinction between what is in me and what is before me loses its meaning and initial validity.”

~Gabriel Marcel, French philosopher (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Our obstacles are more than problems


If we were to consider the difference between problems and mysteries, then there are no social-ecological “problems.” Every social-ecological issue we try to solve, every change we want to make in the world, to some extent, is a “mystery” in which we are involved. In the process of unraveling a mystery, we are also changed in the process. Therefore, to sincerely work through a social-ecological issue, we are also accepting to go through a process of self-discovery.

By turning the mysteries of life, society, and culture into disparate problems, traditions of problem-solving have exiled us, in a metaphorical sense, from the world. By compartmentalizing knowledge to make problems reducible, we have also created hierarchies in knowledge systems, validating some forms of knowledge while rejecting others.

Therefore, it’s reasonable that we may feel lost, confused, frustrated, isolated, suffer from imposter syndrome, or have doubt that we can make a difference. A part of our knowingness has been rejected by society.


To return back into the world, back into yourself, start your journey back to your true home. 

An eco-spiritual self-love approach


At the root of our mission is self-love. Not only is self-love foundational to a content and peaceful life, but a compassionate heart can also change the world through the impact you make in your work. Three key pillars and a seven-module process set the foundation to your growth. At the core of the transformational process is the intention to develop conscious living and working, whether that is through research, design, advocacy, etc.

Understanding knowledge systems


1. Acceptance

Know that you are meant to be unique and be part of a collective.


2. Narrative

The world is shaped by our words. You can change your perspective of yourself and the world by changing your narrative.

“Being” in the world


3. Embodiment

You are more than your mind. Your body holds memories and stories.


4. Belonging

Know that you already belong despite what society says; your memories and experiences are gateways to feeling belongingness.

Making conscious choices


5. Courage

Fear is a threshold to growth.


6. Compassion

Your unresolved pain (as well as society’s pain) wants to be loved.


7. Praxis

Applying your new understanding of yourself and the world.

Who are my coaching services for?


  • Grad students (Masters or Phd) who
    • are grappling with the weight of our social-ecological and institutional dilemmas, and
    • would like some help with their personal growth and/or
    • would like some help in contextualising their research.
  • Working professions in the environmental and design fields who
    • are grappling with the weight of our social-ecological dilemmas, and
    • would like some help with their personal growth, and/or
    • would like some help in contextualizing their work or professional identity from a higher perspective.

1 on 1 coaching


For individuals who want a private coaching experience to deep dive into their situation, I offer a one-on-one coaching service. Included in every coaching agreement is an assessment session, an optional human design session (scroll down to bottom of page for more information), a workbook for journaling exercises, and email/messaging support. One-on-one coaching requires an initial 2-month (or 8 session) commitment and is renewed as monthly (or 4 sessions) packages or more.

While coaching sessions are generally delivered through 60-minute weekly video-calls, scheduling and itinerary details can be discussed and tailored to fit your needs.

Price: $600 CAD/month (or 4 sessions)

Contact me to set up a free information session.

Group coaching


A group coaching setting is great for individuals who want to build and interact with others through a process of collective stimulation, sharing and encouragement. Group coaching is more structured and is also suitable for budget conscious individuals (e.g., graduate students). Anyone who participates in group coaching with me can arrange future one-on-one coaching sessions with me at the monthly rate above.

My group coaching program lasts 9-weeks. It covers the 7 modules in my eco-spiritual framework and includes an introduction and a closing session. Sessions are 90-minutes in duration and are held online every week. A workbook of journaling exercises, and email/messaging support are included.

Groups are separated into two categories: graduate students and working professionals.

  1. If you have a ready-made group of at least 4 people in a category, contact me and we can work out the details of how to get started.
  2. If you are interested in joining the next available group in your category, contact me with your information and I will get in touch with you when enough individuals are available to make a group.

Price: $600 CAD total

Knowledge from the fringes


Supporting our tragic social paradigm is the habit of creating knowledge hierarchies. Some forms of knowledge are accepted in mainstream society while other forms of knowledge are ridiculed. Part of creating a flourishing commons is to learn to respect our own individual way of knowing and being in the world.

I encourage you to speak the knowledge systems that resonate with you. As a coach, I engage with your language of knowing. For instance, I speak “academia” and “social politics” as much as I speak “New Age.” Decolonisation, neoliberalism, marginalisation, assimilation…crystal healing, law of attraction, twin flames, and chakrasare all valid ways of seeing the world. To be honest, I had once been afraid of revealing my affinity to different knowledge structures—afraid of what others would think of me if I didn’t stay in an “approved” box of knowledge—but we can’t flourish, individually and collectively if we deny our own knowingness.

To bridge knowledge systems, I recommend the following esoteric yet practical tools to support clients’ coaching goals:


Oracle Cards

Unlike tarot cards, which are often used as a form of divination, oracle cards are generally more useful as a tool for introspection and self-reflection. The theme of each oracle deck is dependent on its author or illustrator, so different perspectives can be obtained through various oracle decks. The biggest insight that comes from using oracle cards is the interpretation made by the card user. No matter what outcome, the inquirer is the one who makes decisions in their own life.  


Human Design

Human Design is a personality-energy assessment tool based on cross-cultural archetypes including Eastern and Western astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Chinese I-Ching, and quantum physics. Using the day, time, and place of birth, Human Design reveals a person’s energetic blueprint in the world as illustrated in a personalised bodygraph chart. This chart shows a person’s unique attributes, challenges, life purpose, and susceptibility to social conditioning. It also discloses where one has the most potential for life wisdom and how best to make decisions for a flourishing life.

I provide a foundational Human Design reading for one-on-one coaching clients (unless you decline for whatever reason) and a summary of how to use the tool in group coaching programs. You can learn more about Human Design at The Quantum Alignment System (where I did my Level 2 training).